|StoryCraft with Amenda 儿童英文读书汇▼

Time :June 16th — 9:30am

Price: 78rmb/library members; 108rmb/non-members

活动时间 :6月16日 上午9:30

活动费用:  图书馆会员78/人;非会员108/人

|Dancing with Aviv  (kids)

Israeli contemporary dancer Aviv will lead children (5 & up) on an exploration of some fantastic things they can do with their bodies.


Time : June 16th  /  June 23th / June 30th– 3pm-4pm

Price: 98rmb/library members; 128rmb/non-members


活动时间 :6月16日/6月23日 /6月30日 下午3:00-4:00

活动费用:  图书馆会员98/人;非会员128/人

Package price for Dancing with Aviv(kids):

259 rmb/ 3 classes /library members; 349/ 3 classes /non- members



|Dancing with Aviv  (adults)▼

While many forms of dance rely upon improvisation, improvisational dance explores new and creative ways of moving and utilizing the body freed from restrictions imposed by other forms of dance. It’s a style of dance practiced often practiced by Western dance companies, but not so often practiced in China.


Time : June 16th  /  June 23th / June 30th– 4:30pmpm-6pm

Price: 88rmb/library members; 118rmb/non-members

活动时间 :6月16日/6月23日 /6月30日 下午4:30-6:00

活动费用:  图书馆会员98/人;非会员128/人

Package price for Dancing with Aviv(adults):

229 rmb/ 3 classes /library members; 319/ 3 classes /non- members



|Wacky lab with Theresa  童趣实验室Time : June 18th  4:30pmPrice: 78rmb/library members; 108rmb/non-members

活动时间 :6月18日 下午4:30

活动费用:  图书馆会员78/人;非会员108/人

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