Join SupCZ and Sail Fish Kayak Club bright and early on May 27th as we catch a glimpse of Changzhou from an unusual angle!




With its broad roads and towering buildings, Changzhou may not feellike a water town, but for much of the city’s history Changzhou’s waterways have served as a major commercial avenue for the city and connection with the outside world. Now, you can cruise around those very canals in the coolest way possible: by kayak!


The Big Plan

After a brief safety rundown, we’ll launch from NanGang wharf. The group will have the option of two routes: (a) head west toward Canal 5 or (b) paddle around Dongpo Park and sightsee along the newly renovated-but-not-yet-open-to-the-public Qingguo Alley. The tour will take approximately two hours or so and we’ll get you back to dry land in time for lunch.


Our Kayaking Friends at Sail Fish赛飞奇赛艇赛俱乐部

Sail Fish is a full-service kayaking club that offers experienced kayak teachers and guides, a collection of well-kept quality kayaks, and great deals on acquiring your own kayaks and trips to gorgeous kayaking spots. Everyone involved with Sail Fish is passionate and experienced when it comes to kayaking, and it shows both in the attention they pay to safety and the care they take when planning excursions. The club has multiple membership tiers boasting a variety of services, including insurance and the opportunity and flexibility for kayak fans to hit the water on their own schedule.


When: May 27th 8:30am / 3:30pm

Where:Nangang wharf No. 7, Taoyuan Road, Tianning District, Changzhou

Price: 78 RMB / SupCZ Members;

88 RMB / Non-members

时间:5月27日上午8:30 / 下午3:30




I want to kayak the canals but I have a meeting/class/romantic brunch/wicked hangover that day!

Please get in touch with us anyway if this sounds great to you but you just can’t make that time, there are a few possibilities from buying a yearly Sail Fish membership (this is a really, really great deal if you already know you like kayaking or think you might) to the possibility of future opportunities to kayak the canals and maybe even other locations around Changzhou.



Notes: The fee for this activity includes insurance, use of boat, paddle, and life jacket for 2-2.5 hours, and a bottle of water. While we would love to be able to provide our services for free, SupCZ fees (as well as library memberships and advertising in SupCZ Magazine) help us afford rent, library staffing, books, art and craft supplies, original content, printing costs for our magazine and an assortment of other little odds and ends, and also make our volunteer team, VolunteerCZ, possible. We happily accept donations of time and/or funding for any/all of our programs.