Fun and games at SupCZ’s Pre-Easter Spring Fling | 复活节野趣派对回顾


Yesterday, nearly 60 people from over 8 different countries joined SupCZ’s Pre-Easter Spring Fling. More than 20 kids—between 6 months and 14 years old—made this “mission” sound impossible. The outing, however, became much more fun thanks to these lovely angels.


The Fling kicked off with BBQ time that was more than just grilling. Chilled, micro-brewed beers from Riguli, Changzhou’s favorite beer brand, set the relaxed mood, especially for the adult BBQers. Even a few of the young Chinese women in attendance who confessed to normally disliking beers, were thrilled with Riguli’s light and summery 0519 wheat beer. “For me, beers are bitter and tough to swallow, but this one is quite tasty and refreshing, and you can even tell the wheat flavor,” one attendee said.


I prepared nearly 50 pastries for people, but they were all gone in 10 minutes!

“I prepared nearly 50 pastries for people, but they were all gone in 10 minutes!” Mr Pan, the owner of Tartine Poon, marvelled. Tartine’s plain, almond, and chocolate croissants and scones were more sought after than the meat and vegetables that had originally enticed people to the BBQ. More than a few people were a bit disappointed when they returned to try different types of bread. “I am so glad people love my bread,” Mr. Pan said, “and I am already working on make more different types of bread and pastries. Feel free to drop by my store and have a try.”


SupCZ spent nearly a month planning this exciting Easter outing. In order to make the trip more interesting and fun for everyone, we spiced up the activities with some Easter projects: egg painting and an Easter egg hunt.


When it came to egg painting, many parents were more excited than the kids. With limited painting colors, everyone was forced to get creative, using colored tissue paper, feathers and an assortment of other nontraditional supplies to decorate their eggs. Although many of the kids had decorated Easter eggs before, they said it was their first time to do so with these materials.


We don’t even have bank cards, yet, but we are so glad we came; it was really fun!

Around 2:30pm, the smallest members of the party were getting amped up. It was time for the Easter egg hunt! Within only 20 minutes, more than 200 eggs were tucked into their baskets, bags, even clothes.


At 3:00pm, people started to pack their bags for the bus trip back home. A couple with their two boys said they only just arrived in Changzhou, China two weeks before, “We don’t even have bank cards, yet, but we are so glad we came; it was really fun!”


Special thanks to Riguli Beer and Tartine Poon Bakery!