Learn how to make some unexpected things with things you might normally be tempted to throw away.


About this week’s guest kid teacher | 本期特邀小老师

Kids Teach Kids Guest Teacher NicoNico is in 4th grade at Wuxi Yangshan Waldorf School. He likes science, art, and everything related to dinosaurs. He is fluent in English, Chinese, and German. He says he’s excited to see if he can show other kids how to make “something really crazy!”


Time: Saturday, April 14, 2pm

Location: SUPCZ English Library (2F, west side of Bldg 25, Guoguang 1937 Science and Technology Cultural Creative Park)



What is Kids Teach Kids? 

Kids and adults learn and communicate differently. Kids Teach Kids builds off this by removing traditional authority figures and allowing kids to share skills and knowledge with each other in a collaborative atmosphere. Each Kids Teach Kids workshop is led by a kid teacher who comes up with a topic to share with other kids. All workshop topics are hands on.


Who are these kid teachers?

Kid teachers are kids like any other with an interest or skill that they want to introduce to other kids. By teaching, kid teachers are forced to master a project, break it down into bite-sized steps, practice leadership, and learn problem-solving.


What about the kids who take the workshop?

Kids who participate in the workshop learn how to make something new, collaborate ideas, and meet new friends.


How do I sign my kid up?

Scan the QR Code in the flyer, and Zinia will be happy to sign your kid up.

扫描海报的二维码,加Zinia 微信咨询报名。

Can my kid teach?

Yes! We are happy to help prepare any kid to teach a workshop, and we have one adult assistant in every workshop to help out in case anyone gets stuck, so this really is something any kid can try. Get in touch with us to find out more about how your kid can teach a class and the benefits he or she can get from it.