Story&Crafts with TK | 英文绘本阅读&手工


Story Crafts|Maisy Big, Maisy Small by Lucy Cousins

This story about Maisy the mouse will introduce us to opposites. Then we will all complete a craft together also based on this theme.


dreamcatcher workshop in SupCZ English LibrarySpring Dreamcatcher Workshop | 捕梦网制作

Learn how to make dreamcatchers with an American dreamcatcher-maker


|What is a dreamcatcher?

The first dreamcatchers were handmade willow hoops on which a net or “spiderweb” was woven. In some Native American cultures, dreamcatchers were traditionally hung over cradles as a form of protection against bad dreams. Sometimes sacred items, such as feathers, beads or other protective charms were woven into the web. These days, dreamcatchers are typically sought after as beautiful decorative items for the home. Although, it isn’t unusual to find one hanging over a child’s bed in the US or Europe to ward off bad dreams and welcome the good.


Try your hand at making dreamcatchers in Changzhou