Did you make it to our first SupCZ Saturday on May 19th? Did you miss all the fun? Well, either way you’re in luck because this Saturday we’re doing it all again! This week, we’ve got some special goodies in store for you, both old and new.


What’s In Store?

This week, we’re starting things early with a new storyteller for our Story Crafts program. At 10:30am, American storyteller and crafter Amanda Stewart will tell us a story about a very busy spider and then show us all how to make very busy spiders of our own. We’ll then break for lunch. If you don’t want to wander far, check out one of Guoguang’s many wonderful restaurants. Metoo Café is even offering a Saturday discount for SupCZ library members!

本周,我们邀请到新朋友给大家讲故事和做相关手工。上午10点半,来自美国Amanda Stewart将会给我们讲述一只非常忙碌的蜘蛛的故事,然后向我们展示如何制做属于我们自己的忙碌的蜘蛛。讲故事活动结束后就是午饭时间啦。如果你不想走远,国光附近就有很多不错的餐馆, 米图咖啡还会为SUCZZ图书馆会员特别提供星期六优惠活动!

At 1:30pm Israeli dancer Aviv will hold another fantastic Body Percussion class. If you’re kids have only taken dance classes in China before, then they’ve never done anything like this.


At 2:45pm Aviv will continue with her Improvisational Dance class for adults. This is another special treat that isn’t really being taught anywhere else in China, much less Changzhou. This class is going to be your last shot to try it out until mid-June as our dancer has some very important business to take care of for a couple weeks.


Theresa Boersma is also continuing her Wacky Labs program in our 2:45pm timeslot. This week, she’ll be leading an investigation into the magical properties that make bread and butter possible. Students will explore different properties of yeast and even get the chance to transform liquid cream into real, edible butter.

下午2点45分,Theresa Boersma也继续她的古怪实验室计划。本周,她将带着爱探索的朋友们一起研究面包和黄油的奇妙产生。学生将探索不同性质的酵母,甚至有机会将液态奶油转化为真正的食用黄油。

Stay tuned!


*StoryCrafts with Amanda Stewart故事角

In this expanded and active story time for the little ones, Amanda Stewart will read Eric Carle’s classic, The Very Busy Spider, and show everyone how to make their own spiders.

这次,我们吸取经验,将故事角时间延长,Amanda Stewart将阅读Eric Carle的经典《忙碌的蜘蛛》,并展示如何制造手工蜘蛛。

Time: 10:30am-12:00上午10:30-12:00

Price: 78rmb/library members; 88rmb/non-members



*Kids Body Percussion with Aviv Asulin少儿形体现代舞基础课

Israeli contemporary dancer Aviv will lead children (5 & up) on an exploration of some fantastic things they can do with their bodies.


Time: 1:30-2:30pm下午1:30到2:30

Price: 98 rmb/library members; 128 rmb/non-members



*Improvisational Dance with Aviv Asulin即兴舞蹈

While many forms of dance rely upon improvisation, improvisational dance explores new and creative ways of moving and utilizing the body free from restrictions imposed by other forms of dance. It’s a style of dance practiced often practiced by Western dance companies, but not so often practiced in China.


Time: 2:45-4:15pm下午2:45-5:15

Price 88 rmb/library members; 108 rmb/non-members

价格: 图书馆会员88元/人; 非会员108元/人

*Wacky Lab: Bread & Butter with Theresa Boersma古怪实验室:和Theresa Boersma一起探索面包与黄油

We all know they’re crazy about bread and butter in Europe and North America, but have you every thought about the processes that have to take place to make these distinctive foods? Kids will get to roll up their sleeves and investigate the transformations that make bread and butter possible.


Time: 4:30-6pm 下午4:00-6:00

Price: 78 rmb/library members; 108 rmb/non-members


Notes: Class and workshop fees all include coffee/tea/water and a light snack. While we would love to be able to provide our services for free, class and workshop fees (as well as library memberships and advertising in SupCZ Magazine) help us afford rent, library staffing, books, art and craft supplies, original content and printing costs for our magazine, and also make our volunteer team, VolunteerCZ, possible. We happily accept donations of time and/or funding for any/all of our programs.