25 May 2018 (Changzhou China) – As part of recognition in celebrating incoming Children’s Day, Marco Polo Changzhou’s management team have planned out an extensive activities with personalized gifts to special needs of autism children in Tian’ai Children Care Center.


According to the survey, one in 68 children is having autism. Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD), refer to a range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication. As a result, children with autism are usually being neglected by society from their tender age.

据一项研究显示, 每68个孩子里就有一个是自闭症, 他们容貌与正常人无异却无法与人正常沟通,漠视情感、语言发育迟滞、行为重复刻板。因为没有太过明显的外在表现,因此常常被人忽视。

Since hotel operational in 2014, Marco Polo Changzhou has committed to extend helping hands as part of annual public welfare movement. This project is to give back to the society within means in making a difference in the lives of community.


Mr. Alain Krumm, Executive Chef with talented culinary team organized a tailor made and interesting cooking class for children. Besides of new experience and exposure, this activity will breathe new interest and learning process for children in Tian’ai Care Center.


Ms. Sammi Xiong, Director of Sales & Marketing quoted, “It has always been an important goal to contribute to Changzhou society. Every one of us in the hotel are proud of the contribution to the education for children with autism. In the future, we will continue to assist these special children.”


She also added that Marco Polo Changzhou hopes this movement will improve public awareness and acceptance on autism.