In late April, our volunteer team visited Tian Ai Children’s Rehabilitation Center for the first time. Through this visit, our volunteers learned that the teachers of Tian Ai need to learn how to use basic and professional English as soon as possible to communicate with special education teachers abroad.


On the afternoon of May 19th, our first volunteer English teacher Michael and two warm-hearted assistants, Jessica and Grace, arrived for the first English class for the teachers of Tian Ai. Michael is humorous, and he patiently corrected errors for teachers. The two assistants enthusiastically helped Michael. The teachers of Tian Ai cherished this opportunity, carefully listened and actively interacted. Well enough, it seemed.


Each Saturday afternoon in future, we will try to arrange more English courses for the teachers of Tian Ai in order to better help them progress in their language goals. We welcome any and all volunteers who want to join our teaching team and share in this unique and meaningful volunteer work.