Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Changzhou Canals Kayak Experience|皮划艇游运河

Join SupCZ and Sail Fish Kayak Club bright and early on May 27th as we catch a glimpse of Changzhou from an unusual angle! 5月27日上午8:30 下午3:30 快来加入SupCZ和赛飞奇赛艇俱乐部!从另一个视角一览常州风光! With...

Networking Night: Starting A Foreign Company In China

Have some free time on Monday night to learn about the foreign startup scene in Changzhou? RSVP to Simon Laing at slaing@crownww.com or +86 139 5121 9117. Space is filling up quickly! 周一晚上想了解更多关于如何在常州建立自己外资企业,尽快跟Simon预定位置吧,或者直接电话联系他,名额有限,预定从速
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