Sunday, May 26, 2024

A Few Words With Fadi J. Khoury

Fadi J. Khoury and his multicultural dance company FJK Dance is coming to Changzhou on April 2nd as part of a national tour. Sup Changzhou was very fortunate to have Mr. Khoury take some time out of his crazy travel schedule to answer some questions on behalf of our readers. FJK舞团将于4月2日晚上,也就是今天晚上带领他们的舞团登陆常州,SUP也很有幸在演出前以观众和粉丝的身份采访了主创Fadi J.Khoury.

Upcoming Shows in Changzhou

Changzhou Grand Theatre and Wujin's Phoenix Valley Theatre have some great shows coming up soon, and Sup has managed to score some discounts on tickets for its readers.

Cecilia Wu & the Ever-changing Face of Changzhou Free Stitch Embroidery

Since opening Show House in 2014, Cecilia Wu has been on a mission to bring the high art of Changzhou Free Stitch embroidery into the daily lives of ordinary people. 自2014年Show House开业以来,吴澄一直希望将曲高和寡的常州乱针绣带入寻常百姓人家。
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