Thursday, October 17, 2019

Upcoming Shows In May

Changzhou Grand Theatre and Wujin Phoenix Valley Theatre have some exiting concerts in store for May!

Ann Ferguson: Traveling around the world for quilting

One recent Saturday morning, the Sup Changzhou team met Ann Ferguson to check out the world of quilting in her cozy apartment. Her gorgeous work was spread out everywhere, on the couch, bed, and office table. The following is Ann and her world of quilting in her own words. Sup团队于Ann Ferguson和她的布艺世界相遇于某个周六下午。在Ann的公寓里,Sup团队彻底震惊了,Ann精致的布艺作品散落在公寓的各个角落:沙发上,床上,和她的工作桌上。 Ann不仅是一位拥有不断迸发想法和卓越技艺的杰出布艺工艺师,同时她也还是位热心且周到的可爱女士。她将自己详尽布艺生活写成文字,提供给Sup团队。因此接下来的内容主要基于她的文章。

Man on a Mission: John Solet and His Art Co-op

ohn “Coach LoVE” Solet spends much of his days surrounded by bright, colorful foam-filled equipment in Inspire Sports’ Changzhou-based gym where he works as a gymnastics coach to kids and adults and trainer to other coaches, so it was surprising to learn Mr. Solet was working on forging an artist co-op.
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