Thursday, October 17, 2019

Does it Taste Like Changzhou? | Riguli 0519 Urban Wheat Beer

Craft beer maker Riguli’s 0519 Urban Wheat Beer has been popping up all over Changzhou lately, and rumors are that it’s actually pretty good. We at SupCZ wanted to investigate this. How is the “beer for Changzhou” really playing with beer drinkers? So we headed over to OK Koala (which carries Riguli 0519 along with a great selection of other craft beers) to ask some real beer drinkers their thoughts…

Coffee With Toby

We were so enamored with the Yu Ji, that we grabbed Caleigh Emma and David Jenkins and forced them to drink cup after cup of coffee, while we filmed them.

Yes! You could be Master Chef of Changzhou! “寻味常州·厨神争霸” 喊你来参与!

Do you love cooking? A huge event is coming to Changzhou’s food and beverage scene. This summer, a date between Xunweiji (belongs to Changzhou Newspaper Media Group) and gourmet food is waiting for you.
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