Saturday, September 21, 2019

Quilting and cakes @ Jamie’s Garden | 在网红家后花园学拼布

Looking for something new to try? Sup Changzhou has teamed up with Jamie’s Kitchen and resident Australian quilt artist Ann Ferguson for a special “Quilting and Cakes” workshop at Jamie’s Garden in Changzhou’s Xinbei District on Sunday, May 21st at 2pm. Reserve a spot soon as spaces in this workshop are very limited!
"A Bag of Milk Go Ballistic" is Changzhou's charity walk to benefit underprivileged children

Come and join CZ’s most popular charity walk with SupCZ

Sup Changzhou and the Changzhou Bureau of Commerce have teamed up to bring Changzhou’s most popular charity walk to the foreign language speakers of Changzhou. A number of you have approached us in the past asking about local charity organizations and programs and how you can give back to your community, and May 13th's “A Bag of Milk Go Ballistic” is an excellent way to start out.

English-language Movies | April

English-language movies are frequently shown in movie theaters around Changzhou. This is Sup's monthly column to help you find these films and locations. 现在全球英语原片都可以在常州的各大影院观赏了,为了让你更容易获取到你想观看的电影的讯息,sup每个月会推出当月的电影资讯,记得关注咯
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