Monday, December 9, 2019

Comfortable Dining at Marco Polo

As hotels go, The Marco Polo is not an imposing or a large structure. Like other western hotels in Changzhou, there is a self service dinner buffet. 马可孛罗酒店有别于其他酒店的设计在于, 同其他的国际连锁酒店一样,马可孛罗酒店也设有晚餐自助。

Fine Coffee maker—Stream Coffee

When you walk into Stream, you can feel the atmosphere right away, its more like a cozy home that makes you feel relaxed versus a traditional coffee shop.

Hotpot Season | 火锅季

Winter has come. For Changzhou, this means hotpot season is in full swing. 冬天到了,常州也弥漫了火锅的味道。
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